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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by princessa, Mar 23, 2001.

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    I was wandering if anybody could give me some of their impressions on
    Georgetown University School of Medicine. For those of you who are current medical students, what are the facilities, classes and area like? Detailed impressions would be much impreciated.

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    I think Georgetown Med sucks. They have sold their hospital to Medstar - a low end HMO - and they are way to in your face with all their preachy preachy jesuit crap. They havn't spent a dime on that place in eons and most of the students look miserable. Unless basketball is your priority stay away from Georgetown.

    On the other hand if you got accepted there and nowhere else, it beats the hell out of the carribean or podiatry.

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    Georgetown is an excellent school as demonstrated by their exceptional match list and reputation. The students who graduate from GU are known for great clinical skills and match comparably with the top 15.

    Students there are actually very happy on the whole (there are unhappy students at every med school!) I have known quite a few new doctors from there and they are all very glad they attended.

    The facilities are a little old, but this is true for most schools. Georgetown is a really cool place to live (although expensive for some). I highly recommend it!
  4. I don't go, and I've never looked into the school, but in undergrad, my pre-med advisor singled out Georgetown as a school (out of all of the med schools) that she thought that was a school none of us should want to go to. Something to do with their financial difficulties.

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