Georgia Dental license by Credentialing question

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Feb 12, 2011
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Dear Doctors

Thank you for reading my post. One of my friends has been working as a dentist for about 6 years in the midwest. Has taken wreb examination only and passed NBDE. He is contemplating moving to Atlanta and needs to apply for a Georgia dental license. The laws wrt examination are a little confusing. Very specifically wondering if applying for license by credentialing, is the wreb examination acceptable with 5 plus years of clinical experience in another state? Appreciate your kind consideration.

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Not sure if your friend got his answers yet or not. I'm assuming the GA dental board wasn't very helpful in answering questions since that's my experience since May 2023.

From "my understanding," if he's applying through credentialing, the clinical exam does not matter. It's only when he intend to apply through examination that the type of exam would be critical.

I am applying through exam myself and it could be a long stretch. I took both WREB and NERB back then and would think I'm all set for wherever I'm moving... But I had a gap year practicing in the past 5 years so I'm not quite qualified to apply through credentialing yet.

Good luck to your friend and please let us know how the process go. I'm sure it'd be helpful for those who's planning the same thing.