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Mar 25, 2010
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I started studing psychology right out of high school. Went to a very good private school for two years then had some children and now 8.5 years later I have started back going to school online at the university of Phoenix. I am finding that online learning is MILES harder than ground campus schooling!!! My cumm. GPA is a 3.92...basically all I do is school work and watch my children over my laptop as I read. My plans are to go into hypnotherapy with a PsyD. I would like to work with people with OCD, extreme fears, and personalities disorders. I plan to go to a graduate school after I get my BA in May-July 2011. However, my psychology work expirance is limited. I have run organizations and have work skills such as those, but no research expirance. Going to school online I do not have many repeat instructors to obtain referance letters from.

Does anyone have any suggestions to improve my resueme for grad school???

I'm hoping to go to one of any 8 really good psychology schools in Chicago. My dream would be University of Chicago or Northwestern. But I am reading a lot of replies here and thinking with my lack of research expirance whatever that is classified as I am going to be screwed at this point.

Also I have read some schools do not require the grad school enterance exam I know nothing about it, any tips on that???


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Apr 6, 2007
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The University of Chicago does not offer a clinical psych doctorate and Northwestern only offers the ph.d (one at the Evanston campus and one affiliated with Feinburg school of Medicine).

Yes, you will need research experience even for a Psy.D.... and alot of it for a ph.d. You will also need academic letters of reference. The only way to accomplish this is to volunteer in a research lab at a traditional university or in a hospital so you can get to know a professor(s). Not attending a traditional program/university puts you at a severe disadvantage here (these positions are often preferential given to the undergrads at the university), so you will have to be very proactive in seeking out these opps on your own.

PS: Hypnotherapy for personality disorders.....?
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