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Getting Letters of Recommendation

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by EMDrMoe, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. EMDrMoe

    EMDrMoe Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    What is the procedure for getting letters of rec? I've had a few people (a bio prof, my boss, a co-worker and our team doctor) ask me if they can write a letter.

    Will I send the letters or will the person writing it? Do I have to wait to see who the schools will want letters from to send them? I'm a non-trad applicant, so there won't be a composite letter.

    Any info is GREATLY appreciated!!!
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  3. Medic171

    Medic171 Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Apr 22, 2001
    I asked the very same question 1 week ago. They suggested that going through a service at your undergrad institution is the best. They will keep your letters and send them out. If this is not avaliable, your writers will have to mail them directly for each secondary you send in.
  4. star23

    star23 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Apr 24, 2001
    My school didn't have such a service and many others don't either. The way I did it was to first wait until you get your secondaries to specifically ask for the letter. I spoke with all of the people writing letters for me well beforehand letting them know that I would soon need letters, but didn't know the specific requirements yet. Almost every school has different requirements (letterhead, 2 science profs and 1 other, 3 of any kind, 3 science, etc.) I waited until I had about 8 secondaries in hand and made up a mini-resume that also listed the requirements and addresses for each school. I also gave them an addressed envelope with postage for each letter. I asked them to keep a copy of the letter on file as I may need more rec's in the future. Everyone I asked was flattered that I asked them and more than willing to help out. I hand-written thank you once the letters are in the mail is a nice touch.
  5. EMDrMoe

    EMDrMoe Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Mar 15, 2001
    Thanks so much!!! That answers my question perfectly. I won't go through my undergraduate institution because I haven't been there in a while... I'll just wait for secondaries. Thanks again!
  6. sandflea

    sandflea Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jun 23, 2001
    the thing is, if your undergraduate institution DID offer a premedical committee letter, then most med schools will overwhelmingly prefer to receive this rec instead of several individual letters.

    you say you haven't been at your college for a while. did you take the premed courses while you were there or did you do a post-bacc program? if you took them during college, then you're not really a prototypical 'non-traditional' applicant and my impression is that med schools will want the committee letter, IN ADDITION to letters from employers, grad school professors, or from whatever you have been doing since you left college.

    just a thought.

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