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May 21, 2002
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We have a good chance to get married after my future husband will finish his first year internal medicine residency (intern year)......
I will be still in freshman year studying at a university.......
We postpone wedding for a year because the internship year(first year residency is sooooo busy).......
So, I would like to share experience with you!!!!!

1)Will he be less busy ?

2)We are concerned about the financial situation I will be only a university student "I think with no salary" and my future husband will be only getting a resident salary"...will we face financial difficulties??
or can I get a study loan that may help us or will it only barely cover my university tuitions??

3)I will try to convince him not to have kids except after he finishes residency and fellowship and I finish university.....Do u agree with me??

4)do you agree with the timing of marriage "between his first and second year residency"??

5)Does marrying a medical resident put us under stress of his work...because I know his work is so busy ?

Any advices.............Thanks so much
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