Oct 4, 2014
Hello, everyone. I've heard good things about the forums when it comes to talking with others about the MCAT's, so cheers :)

I'm taking the MCAT's on the 25th of this month. A little backstory: I am in a 3+4 program, and this would be my 3rd year; in other words, I have to take the current MCAT's. The minimum requirement is a 30 (9 lowest), and every other requirement I am okay for (GPA, activities, etc.)

My scores have been going up steadily: My verbal went up to 10, I have been scoring 11's consistently on PS, and I even scored an 11 (!) on BS for AAMC 8, which is a surprise since this is my worst by far.

However, I just took AAMC9 and got a 28: 11/9/8 (PS/V/BS). I only have 2 AAMC's left (10, 11), around three weeks until the test, and am freaking out about the score going down from a 33 to a 28... Has this happened to anyone and it ended up being fine? How did you fight against the negative thoughts and results going into your next test?


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Oct 28, 2012
Content, you, or something else....

Fluctuating scores generally mean that either the content of your practice tests are fluctuating and/or you are fluctuating.

Example of fluctuating content: Let's hypothetically say that for the physical sciences you are strong in projectile motion and weak in electrical circuits. Some practice test will have more projectile motion and less electrical circuits, so you will score higher on those. Solution is to go through your wrong answers and/or work with a tutor to improve weak areas.

Examples of a test taker fluctuating: Let's hypothetically say that you have test anxiety that is better on some days and worse on others. On the days that you're feeling better, you score higher. Let's hypothetically say you're distract easily, so when you're NOT distracted you score higher. etc. Solution is to figure out the pattern and guard against it on test day.


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Apr 6, 2014
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