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Mar 10, 2003
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Hey everyone,
Just a general question. I'm still an MSIII so I have some time to decide what I'm going to do. I pretty much know I want to do an internal medicine residency, but I've been interested in GI for a while, and was curious to hear from those who are going through the fellowship or who know what are the options available as far as lifestyle go. I've read some of the general FAQ posts on here about GI as a field but any personal experiences from those of you who have families, as well as any women who are in GI? Its important for me to pick a subspeciality that allows flexibility in schedule. I appreciate any insight!


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Apr 15, 2004
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I did an elective with a GI doc and his days were 7am-10pm. Saturdays he works from 8-3. He did 20-25 procedures per day and 2 ERCP per week. Had office only on Tuesdays and Thursday (after doing the procedures) and on monday and fridays at a different hospital. He told me he earned close to a million per year. But he didnt have a life.

It was a pretty cool rotation, you should do a GI elective. I wanna do GI but with fewer patients than this doctor.