Girl Scouts as Non-Clinical Volunteering? Worth it or no?

Jan 24, 2020
I am just starting reinvention. I'm at a cc (after many years away with old poor grades) planning to transfer and finish my BA/BS then hopefully apply to a post-bac, or a 1 year SMP,.

Potential Non-Clinical Volunteer Opportunity:
Today I was asked by a regional Girl Scouts office in a major metro market to serve in a volunteer leadership role.

I would be a liaison between the Girl Scout Council and all the troop leaders in a city the major metro Girl Scout Council serves, so sort of a "leader of all the leaders" (there to help the community form new girl scout troops, support current troops, plan and conduct girl and adult leadership development, organize programming for the girls in my area, etc. I would be responsible for approx 60 troops, 1000 Girl Scouts - about 600 girls (K-12), the rest adults.....

PROS: It would show leadership skills and it would be volunteering around my schedule..... CONS: While the metro Girl Scout Council serves several "in-need" communities the area they need/want me to serve is in need of the role to be filled by someone with my experience and skill set but is actually in a pretty high COL area.... hardly considered "inner city".... would this be worth my time as non-clinical hours? I am positive I could get a significant LOR from it but I am not sure how Girl Scouts even in a significant leadership role would be viewed as a commitment to the community. Thoughts?


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Sep 21, 2017
I second cornfed. The leadership experience you’ll gain is valuable.

If Girl Scout liaison is something you’re passionate about then do it! The committee wants to see that you are involved in things you truly enjoy/care about, not checking boxes.
Feb 5, 2020
If you do not have another volunteering opportunity knocking, this sounds like a really good learning experience. Go for it!

My only caution would be - do not underestimate what this role will require. Since it sounds like you have a couple years before an SMP/postbacc, you have time to do this and school and nothing else. I would start this role, keep doing school, and let yourself adjust for a semester. 60 troops is 60+ troop leaders. How many emails will you get come cookie sale time? I'm not kidding here, you might be looking at 20-40 hr/week during peak periods PLUS SCHOOL. You'll want to make sure you can maintain your GPA while holding this role.

Then, only once you're adjusted, you reflect on what you love about Girl Scouts and decide whether to keep that role, or pick a separate "underserved" volunteering opportunity to add onto your plate. The skills you gain in the Girl Scouts role would easily transition into any number of additional volunteer leadership roles. This is the opportunity you have in your hand now.

Does this fill a need outside myself?
Am I good at it?
Do I enjoy it?
If it meets at least 2 of these, I think you're golden.
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