Giving back After Naplex 2016

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Aug 22, 2015
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I made a promise to tell my story on here after passing my exams.

No one can tell you how your experience is going to be. We are all different and experience things differently.

One thing I can say to anyone out there still in the process of taking the exam, is to believe in themselves.

The exam itself was not hard, it was very much doable. I kept a tally of my questions and here's my break down. Which might be completely different from yours.

45 select all.
40 maths. Like absolutely easy maths.
10 bio stats
And the rest were from all aspects. Not one topic dorminating.

I left with about 1:30 hours and I did all my maths questions twice. I had a good score. Triple digits.

I did not do the pre-Naplex, so I have no idea how it relates.

You are the only one that can know if you are ready for the exam. And you'll never be 100% ready. So go out there, take the exam. And believe in your self. After all you made it through pharmacy school.

Good luck.
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