Giving up a specialty due to things not under my control....

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Sep 3, 2018
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For example, I was working on a patient that required isolation but my attending did not agree.

After that, the faculty member publically brought up the situation without mentioning my name in the huddle

I was so shocked that he went out of his way to humiliate me

Wait a sec... so you disagreed with an attending (as a brand new third year medical student)...then he didn’t even mention your name...and you call that going out of someone’s way to humiliate you?

It sounds like this attending was addressing the situation while going out of his way NOT to humiliate you.

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Sitting outside some random persons office for a few hours doesnt entitle you to a research position
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That attending was being gracious by not outing you to the group as being the student who argued, you should have thanked them and been appreciative because they did you a solid

And it’s not an attending’s job to track you down. If they leave and you didn’t notice it’s your fault. Kind of doesn’t matter if you were busy or didn’t notice, it’s your job to know where they are. Sometimes stuff happens and you lose track of them and it’s no big deal but it certainly is literally never their job to track you down. We used to have a phrase in my prior career that expectations like your are “like a quarter waiting on a nickle”. They are higher up the chain and they don’t look for us when we are students

The last one is annoying because sometimes attendings just literally don’t understand the nusiance of the emr. You just take those whoopins’ when they come and keep moving. Put a smile on your face, “sorry doc, That one was on me, and it won’t happen again”. Then you make sure it doesn’t happen again. And you warn next months students about that thing so they don’t get lit up. You certainly don’t go back later to correct the attending about it wasn’t your just looks bad even if you are right.

Get your head right, none of this means you have to switch specialties. It does mean you need to adapt your behavior to the power dynamic between students and attendings because you don’t get it yet.

This is fixable but you must change
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I’m not sure deleting your post when you’ve already been (partially) quoted is particularly effective but whatever.

You asked a (somewhat naive) question, got a little tough love from the community, own it and move on.
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