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Global/International Health: can't decide which school!


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May 26, 2010
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    I've been accepted into SUNY Albany, UMiami, UMD-Baltimore, Stony Brook, Boston University, USF, and Tufts. I can't decide where to go as cost is a big issue. Tufts has a great reputation as a university, and the program is through the School of Medicine. It is ridiculously expensive though. SUNY Albany is in my backyard, so I could live at home and pay in-state tuition. USF looks very promising as it has a great program and is a lot cheaper than Tufts. Any advice? My goal is to work for the World Health Organization someday, and not to sell myself out to pay off student loans. USF also accepted me into their dual concentration program (Epidemiology and International health). USF and SUNY Albany also participate in the Masters International with the Peace Corps. Would Tufts or BU be worth it?
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    Oct 15, 2009
    Tucson, AZ
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      My advice is to go to one of the schools of PH. Truthfully with all your other options I would rule out Tufts and definitely go for either SUNY Albany or USF. If you really like the programs at USF I would definitely go for that. If cost is a major issue to you SUNY Albany. I think both programs will give you the opportunity to really branch out and get some great experience/networking opportunities. While Tufts has a great rep as a university as a whole I worry that the PH programs within med schools may lack some of the opportunities available at schools of PH. Good luck!


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      Apr 28, 2010
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        i personally like BU but that is just a bias opinion. i think staying at home in a place that is in "your backyard" would be a good thing too........i know everyone says you should go to a school that fits your personal needs and dreams yet if you are going to be going to your dream school for just 2 years and play off thousands of loans the rest of your life, thats not so much a dream, now is it? stay at home


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        May 2, 2007
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          Go to SUNY Albany and SAVE! The other most important thing is that you will still have opportunities to do what you love to do in global health and can take advantage of that through the Peace Corps, etc. If you go there and are able to get a good education, global health opportunities, and save thousands of dollars :eek:, GO FOR IT!
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