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Going back to school


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Sep 4, 2006
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  1. Attending Physician
    Hi was wondering what people thought of my chances. Graduated college with a 3.4 in history. Went to law school for a year. My work experience includes interning at a political consulting firm during college, clerking at an employment law firm during law school, and working in sales. I know some med school like students with different backgrounds so i'm hoping this might make up for my low gpa. Have a 3.0 science gpa (too much fun when i was younger:). Have taken bio, genetics, orgo, physics, biochem, and chemical analysis. Am currently going back to school getting a teaching certificate in physics but am worried about the crappy job market for teachers right now. What sort of mcat would I need to be competetive. Should I try to volunteer at a hospital, do college research or do you think my work experience will make up for it. Am planning on taking an mcat class this summer. don't care about m.d. or d.o. would really prefer to stay in the united states and not go to the caribbean but anything's possible. Thanks!
    Consider that the mean stats for those accepted to MD schools are cGPA 3.67/MCAT 31.1. Looking at AAMC data for those applying to AMCAS (MD) schools in the last three years, those with a cGPA of 3.39/MCAT 29 had a 25.9% chance of an acceptance, with a 32 it was 38.7%, with a 35 it was 51.3%, and with a 38 it was 61.1% chance.

    For DO schools the average entering student had a 3.48/26.19; similar data to the above has not been published.

    Your low BCPM/sGPA will be a problem no matter how high your cGPA and MCAT score are unless you've demonstrated a steep upward grade trend. Were the referred to science classes recent? What were your grades? Consider retaking some classes if you did poorly (below a C+) in any science prerequisite, as DO schools only count the most recent grade, making this a fast way to achieve GPA repair (MD schools average both in).

    Clinical experience is essential to your application, wherein you interact with sick people. Most get this through volunteering. Also plan to shadow some docs. Nonmedical community service strengthens an application. Research isn't essential, as only 60% list it. Teaching, leadership, hobbies, and artistic endeavors are also entered onto the application.
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