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Feb 21, 2009
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    i graduated in the fall and have already been accepted to a med school. For the past couple months I have been chillin/drinking/partying with friends on the weekends (they work during the week) and have planned/been on a few trips (europe/bahamas/etc.). During the week i usually play online poker (dont have a job and i can make enough to support myself for the next few months), go to the gym, play guitar, and participate in a few other hobbies. I know to a lot of people this seems like a pretty lax lifestyle but I am honestly about to go crazy (the being single with no prospects but at the same time not wanting to get in a serious relationship before i leave for med school also sucks). I feel like I have no purpose in life at this moment. I am not sure how I am going to handle living like this for another 6 months until med school! :confused:



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    May 27, 2009
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      I'm kind of in the opposite situation. I don't think I should have taken on this much this semester. I wish I had more time to take up new hobbies or just enjoy life...but alas...wanna trade? Pre-med Swap!

      Also, I hate you for having taken/being able to take trips. I wanna get out of the country too, ya know?


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      May 20, 2009
        dude you are living the high life right now. keep it going! and make sure to accumulate lots of crazy stories to tell ur study buds in med school when ur going to long for the good times that senior year had to offer.
        keep bein a playboy son. cuz when medschool starts, it's gonna be work.
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        Feb 9, 2010
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          I recommend getting a cat. It'll love you while you're holding it, but then you can put it down whenever. Much better than a relationship. Not to mention way easier to care for, cat nip and bright colored feathers. Done. :laugh:
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