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Nov 6, 2001
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Has anyone ever used--or know someone who has used--the "Gold Standard Board Preparation Systems" cassettes for Step 1? Any opinions on their usefulness? It would be nice to do some passive studying for the boards while I exercise and cook dinner.

(Their promotion came in the mail today. It looks kind of like a scam. But they say they are endorsed by AMSA.)


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Jun 30, 2001
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I got that promotion last year. I went ahead and ordered the free cassette (why not?), and it seems reasonably useful. Good for when boards come around and I need something to listen to while working out. I'd recommend getting the demo to see if the format works for you, and then think about buying the others. But the tapes move pretty slow, because they're interactive e.g., "What are the most common causes of acute cystitis?" (LONG pause) "E. coli, etc." "And what antibiotic would you use for uncomplicated acute cystitis?" (long pause) "TMP/SMX" ... you get the idea. I like that format, but personally I don't think I could spend that much time listening to tapes. If you have a long commute or something, they might be more useful.


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Oct 23, 2001
Augusta, GA
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I used the Gold Standard tapes for Step I
prep. I liked them for being able to study
while exercising, driving home or to my
ex-girlfriend's house, and cleaning and such.
I thought the pause, as mentioned was useful,
as it gave you a chance to try to recollect
for yourself the answer. I did well on
Step I and have finished Step II as well, so
I no longer need them. If interested, I'll
send them to you for dirt cheap + postage.
About the Ads

Diane L. Evans

I used them for Step 1. For COMLEX they are helpful but definately should not be used as a sole source get 1st Step for the USMLE and
a good question book Appleton and LAnge etc. Also a lot of classmates loved Step-Up.
In addition Except for OMT or Savarese texts on OMT is a must.

The tapes were a good way to study in the car and I used them in conjunct with classes.
I now have the Step 2 series and they're a lot more interesting. The problem with the tapes is that the book that accompanies them is incomplete. One classmate listened to the tapes and filled in the blanks in her Step up Book, which she felt was useful and helped her prepare.



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Nov 16, 1999
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Does anyone have the Gold Standard tapes for Step 1 that they want to sell? If so, can you please email me the year they were made and how much you want for them? (including the shipping costs)

Thanks so much!
[email protected]

Winged Scapula

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Apr 9, 2000
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I bought them as well and whlie I like the idea I have some reservations about the tapes:

there are lots of mistakes - sometimes only pronounciation but sometimes in management

the emphasis is off - they spend something like 6 tapes on Hematology and very little on Cards, Pulm etc. They are very repetitive and don't emphasize board material well.

the quality varies - the tapes with the originator/owner on them are good - he has a pleasing voice and is easy to understand; some of his underlings sound like high school students who have no idea what they're talking about and how to actually pronounce some of the medical terms. Some of them sound as if they were taped in a cave.

The idea is excellent but frankly for the money, if you have the time, I would simply make my own tapes - pulling material directly from First Aid for the Boards, etc.


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Dec 8, 2001
Baltimore, MD
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Hey! I'm selling step I Gold Standard tapes for $200. That includes shipping. I used them to study for step I and did well (although this should not be the sole source). I also have a bunch of books I used for studying. Anyone interested can e-mail me at [email protected]
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