Feb 16, 2010
So the Goldwaters were announced yesterday.

Congradulations to everyone.

I have a dilemma, you see last year I was awarded the Goldwater and I definately want to put it on my application this year for med school, BUT.....

I listed on the application that I only wanted a PhD. I kind of "changed" my mind and now I want to apply MD/MBA, definately not PhD. I will definately say that I want a career in research, not private practice if they ask. Is this ok to do? Do they really even care? They aren't going to go and check on me, are they? I'm sure most pre-meds who apply for this lie anyways or conveniently "change" their minds. Any suggestions.

Actually, does this even help in MD admissions?

Jeez sometimes I wish I was an honest, upright person