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Goljan audio and heart sounds

Discussion in 'Step I' started by goodies, Mar 7, 2007.

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    In Goljan's audio 5 Cardio 2 (at around 15 min or later), he talks about right sided murmurs being more intensified with inspiration and left sided murmurs more intensified with expiration. He mentioned that pulmonic stenosis is intensified with expiration, which I thought was weird b/c I thought pulmonic stenosis was a right-sided problem (and aortic stenosis is left-sided). Can someone please explain that to me?

    Also, he had like a verbal quiz on whether different scenarios involve the left side or the right side or the middle... "essential hypertension" was "left" and "mitral regurgitation" was "right" ... and "mitral stenosis" was "middle". Why the heck is mitral regurg a problem on the right when mitral is in the left side of the heart?

    PLEASE explain. I'm so confused.

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