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Good anterior segment fellowships


New Member
2+ Year Member
Nov 1, 2016
  1. MD/PhD Student
Hi all
I'm R2 in ophthalmology looking down the line at anterior segment fellowships that have an especially strong refractive component.

I'm not geographically limited (US, Canada, UK) and leaning towards academic setting but mainly looking for high volume and good experience more than just being at a good name school.

In your experience what are the top programs?



New Member
5+ Year Member
Nov 9, 2015
Really depends what you're looking for. There are only a few true "anterior segment fellowships" but there are a handful of good cornea or glaucoma fellowships that will give you some training in complex anterior segment procedures. Some that come to mind in no particular order:

Ike Ahmed (Toronto)
Vance Thompson
Minnesota Eye Consultants Cornea or Glaucoma
Utah Glaucoma (No refractive)
Wash U Glaucoma (No refractive)

Not sure of some of the cornea specific fellowships that are better rounded for ant seg stuff as I interviewed glaucoma a couple years ago. I know Mass Eye and Ear started an anterior segment fellowship last year but I've heard very little about it.


Full Member
Feb 8, 2020
There’s relatively higher number of refractive surgery fellowships last year compared to the past based on discussions with previous interviewees.

Vold vision is an anterior segment fellowship with strong refractive numbers. Dr. Vold is glaucoma trained.

There’s also the Cleveland eye clinic fellowship with Dr. Wiley where you do mostly refractive procedures and refractive cataracts I believe.
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New Member
7+ Year Member
Dec 19, 2011
  1. Pre-Medical
I second that Cleveland Eye Clinic's refractive numbers are at the very top end of what you'll encounter. I know Brinton is refractive only, but I would not consider that truly an anterior segment fellowship. Vold is another good program, but I would argue it leans towards the glaucoma side of anterior segment.

Full disclosure- I'm currently the fellow at Hoopes Vision in Salt Lake City. This program is more cataract/refractive/cornea-focused (minimal glaucoma). Assuming no prolonged shutdowns, I should easily finish with >300 cataracts and >150 refractive procedures (LASIK/PRK/SMILE/ICL).
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