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  1. Hi, just thought I would share my two years worth of living in KC. I lived the first year at Bennington Ridge apartments and would not recommend them at all. Bennington has paper thin walls and I thought the place could use some more insulation not only for noise dampening, but for keeping my utilities bills lower. The second year I moved to Camden Passage Apartments (North of the River, 10 miles from UHS) and have been much happier. Camden has concrete between each floor and I rarely hear the neighbors, which is great for when you are constantly studying. Even though Camden is a bit further than Bennington, it is quicker to get to as it is a straight shot via the freeway and you don't have all the street lights to stop you. Shopping is also great with some good coffee shops and book stores to study at close by, Bennington has much of nothing close by. If you are into going out all the time, then I would highly recommend trying to find something close to the Plaze or KU med. Just seems tough to find a nice place to live down in that area.

    If you have any questions, please ask. I also have some books for sale now that I have finished boards (Great prices). I highly recommend studying for the boards as you go through the first two years with a board review book. Being from the first class with the new curriculum I was a bit apprehensive about how much we were actually being taught or missing, but it seems we got most all of what we need. The pharmacology at UHS seems about the weakest, but the OMM (osteopathic manipulation) prepares you well for the boards.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks Dave! :) You are very nice to share your living experiences...I'm all set up across the street from UHS at Century Twrs. I'm sure that I'll be driving to those neighborhoods you speak of to hang out.

    I would love to buy books from you or anyone selling them. However, I won't be in KC till July 20 and you might sell them by then. I'm still in Cleveland, and it makes book buying kind of hard from a distance.

    Thanks again for your good wishes!

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