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Discussion in 'Australasia and Oceania' started by banana k, Dec 9, 2005.

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    okay, it's official... i've become jaded enough to drop it, and more to the point, monash university's giving me a phd scholarship! someone on the waiting list will get a second-round offer at university of sydney. i'm not writing off maybe coming back into the game in a few years, when i've established myself better in research and have citizenship and HECS access, but knowing me and my propensity for seizing weird and random opportunities i really shouldn't count on that. for now it's phd all the way, monash venom group! :D thanks for your wonderful advice and putting up with me and my spastic posts... BEST OF LUCK to you all applying and those entering in class of 06. perhaps i'll run into you anyway when you're registrar's and i'm a runty first-year with a useless doctorate and my tail between my legs, haha. either way--yahoo! onward to melbourne!
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    Wow, congrats!

    Enjoy your time in Melbourne!

    I hear it's much friendlier than Sydney. ;)

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