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Good Peds rotation California


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Aug 1, 2001
From Laker Land to Sin City
    There are quite a few good rotations here in cali, (i am only familiar with SoCal tho) however, don't you have to do rotations in your third year that are affiliated with your school/hospital? Are you talking about doing an elective? This is unusual as a third year. Even if you were to do a rotation somewhere else, most hospitals or medical schools will not take a third year, especially if they're from another school.

    As a third year, we were only allowed to rotations affiliated with our school. We had our "block", which consisted of our core rotations and these had to be done at our affiliated hospitals. As a fourth year we were then allowed to do away rotations/electives at pretty much any institution. I am pretty sure this is the norm for most medical schools. Correct me if I am wrong.


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    Feb 27, 2003
      i assume he's referring to an elective, kiki.

      you may want to should choose rotations in areas to audition for..if you don't plan on living there, do not bother. you will have little time for vacation and the flight is not cheap.
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      Mar 28, 2003
      Los Angeles
        There are some schools which distribute 3rd year clerkships around the country or a specific region...

        I'd recommend CHLA, CHOC, CHO, Harbor, UCLA-Mattel's, UCSF, Stanford, any of the Kaisers.

        -Todd MS-IV USC (goin' to CHLA :) )


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        Mar 4, 2004
          I've tried most of those options however, none of them take 3rd year students unless you attend their medical school. They offer only 4th year electives. What is CHO? I tried CHOC but don't know what CHO is. I'm a DO student by the way so that may be some of the problem as my school is not affiliated with most of these places. At this point, I have Valley Hospital in Vegas, UMC Vegas or St. Luke's in San Fran. I'm in Southern Cali though and don't really want to move. UGH!!!

          Thanks anyways.
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