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Aug 12, 2001
    I know this sounds a little bit stupid but you'll work out why i'm asking you this. What is a good value PA school? Im from the UK so i'd have out of State costs so they would be higher. I know that i would still have to pay tonnes but every penny counts. But i don't want a really rubbish school.

    Thank You! :clap:


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    Jul 24, 2001
      Hello! First of all, good luck on your pursuit!

      If money is a concern, I would suggest maybe moving to a state with several programs and establish residency. I have a friend that did so and figures she saved $38,000 in tuition by doing so. If that is not an option, I have heard that University of Kentucky is the best deal for your money. They have an excellent program and are quite cheap I have heard. I hope this helps!


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      Aug 26, 2001
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        keep in mind that several of the less expensive programs are at community colleges not affiliated with medical centers and they do not grant a masters degree (which is rapidly becoming the standard).I agree with the above poster. there is good value to be had at state schools like uc davis, etc, but these might be hard to get into without permanent residency status. If you want to work in a competitive specialty as a PA ( ER/surgery/ortho) consider a program with lots of hospital rotations as opposed to community rotations.these programs may cost more, but you get what you pay for when you attend duke as opposed to cuayahoga community college.If you want to do FP/PEDS/OBGYN, any program that prepares you well for the boards will do.if you contact pa programs, ask what their first time pass rate was for the most recent class. if their answer is less than 95%, hang up the phone and try elsewhere. most high end programs have pass rates> a british citizen you might want to wait a year or 2 for the programs which are in the formative stages over there. best of luck-e
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