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Mar 5, 2005
what are some good books to read to prep for the verbal section?
what is your favorite book?


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Dec 14, 2004

Dickens: A tale of 2 cities
Karl Marx: Communist Manifesto
Thomas Paines: Common Sense

Anything from Emerson (waldo), and this website:

I got it from a friend who is at GWU and a Classics major, shes a human dictionary...and this site is her bible. I checked it out...and holy crap its got all the practice u need for Humanities will never be exausted of the info it offers. give it a shot, i print out 2-3 articles a day and read the most abstract info.

I have poor verbal skills and this combined with 3-4 practice passages a hoping to break 9 on Verbal. Hope this helps...i know i havent posted much on this website, but im on it every day at least twice keeping up to date on the news...and felt like puting in my 2 cents to help others out there that are also in my same shoes.

Im a 1st time re-taker...for this coming april. Good luck and take the advice.

For Natural Science/Social sciences:

hit up at your school and use their subscription service, its free from my library and read 1-2 nature article every other day. try to make some on the research side, so u get practice on analyzing the graphs etc.

its good practice for the bio section too. heres what i like to do:

I read the really hard research article with all the graphs without reading the Abstract. I then process what i read, unless u have upper level science courses, the material is really hard to digest. But thats good because you need to be able to get the "concept" and not be bogged down on small details.
Analyze all pictures/graphs and make your interpretations. Then after you think u know all it the very end, Read the Abstract, which is about 1/4 - 1/2 a page long. And summerizes the entire article. You will notice that the abstract is actually "cut/paste" lines from the entire article word for word in some cases. and the abstract gives you the basic gist of the entire reading.

to be i think of more things to include


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Feb 12, 2004
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physiclas87 said:
what are some good books to read to prep for the verbal section?
what is your favorite book?
the princeton review people really recommend reading Harpers. most of the stuff in there is worded much like the MCAT i think and they say to read the NY times. but. check out harpers. it's a magazine and should be at the library.