Feb 19, 2013
Hello everyone, I wonder how many can relate to my situation and offer a helpful advice.

Graduated with an MBBS (Pakistan) March 2012 DONE!
House Job (Pakistan): Apr 2012-Mar 2013 DONE!
FCPS Training Mar-2013-Mar-15 Incomplete 3 Months left

Qualifications (FCPS Part 1, MRCP Part 1 and MRCP Part 2)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was short of three months of completing my two year training for FCPS II but I might get credit for those 21 months that I did.

At the moment I am studying hard for my Step Exams.

So what are my chances of getting a residency provided I have "ok" scores in Step exams. My concern is that would I be filtered out coz I graduated from Med School >= 5 years ago?

How can I improve my chances?



You won't be filtered out for graduating medical school five years ago, especially since you have been a practicing doctor ever since.

So your chances are as good as everyone else's. Which begs the question: how good are your Step scores going to be? Because they ought to be pretty damn good since you're an international medical graduate with the rest of us.

Have you done a lot of medical research in the meantime (during your house job/fellowship)? That can certainly help. The more publications the better. Your work experience should help, but I'm not sure if it will. They will definitely ask you why you couldn't complete your fellowship if you get a residency interview, so prepare that answer.

Otherwise, the best thing you can do right now is ace your step exams and hope for the best. Hopefully someone who has matched into a residency in the US can help you further. Good luck!


I couldn't be sure. It depends on the field you're considering. If you want to get into a good residency however, irrespective of field, 245-250+ is a must.

Also, I should clarify that while you won't be filtered out or immediately rejected because you graduated five years ago, it definitely counts against you. You're going to have to show them a lot of great credentials, good letters of recommendation (the more the better, especially from US mentors) and an excellent set of step scores.