GPA too low for Post Bacc. Also doing a career change, can I still get in?


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Jul 5, 2019
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    After a bunch of mental health struggles, I will be graduating in December with a 2.4 undergrad GPA as a bio major. I will be pursuing a small IT job for a few years to earn money since I am not a competitive applicant for med school right now. I have never taken the MCAT.
    After working for some time, I want to apply to a post bac program Because medicine is my passion. I have worked hard to overcome my struggles and want to give medical school another shot. My worry is that my GPA is too low for any post bacc program to even look at me. I have done 99% of my prereqs but they have very poor grades. Also when I apply to a post bacc program, I will be technically coming from a different career field. What can I do? Is there any way to do this without doing a DIY postbac? I’m not sure if I can financially do that.
    Pls no mean comments, this is overwhelming enough as it is, would really appreciate any honest advice though!
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    May 29, 2018
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      I think you will have to start out with a DIY postbacc because many formal programs including SMPs have GPA cutt offs. It doesn't matter where you do your postbacc, you can even do it at a Community College to save money. I suggest taking 2-3 classes per semester at a CC while working to slowly strengthen your uGPA and gain confidence.

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