GPR/AEGD in place of licensing exam?

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    I am currently a D2 in the northeast but plan on moving to Florida in the future (which I heard is very difficult to get a new licensure in). Would doing a GPR/AEGD count in place of a licensing exam or at least make it easier to get licensed? If not, when would I have to take the licensing exam (before or after) the residency?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    A residency will take the place of an exam only in a few states. NY it will, for other states you must check with the state boards.

    At minimum a residency will help you with the boards in 2 ways:
    1. It will take the pressure off of you in your senior year. You won’t have to worry, what will happen if you don’t pass the boards. The additional year during the residency is guaranteed employment. It will also give you a chance to take the boards a few times.
    2. It will let you gain confidence and efficiency to be better able to take the boards. It will give you a chance to prepare better and select patients.

    Besides from the direct help, it will allow you to gain experience you did not get in dental school.
    1. You will learn to treat dental emergencies.
    2. You will learn about medical emergencies in dental practice.
    3. you will treat advanced/complex dental cases – i.e. treatment planning, implants, etc
    4. You will treat special needs patients – the disabled, the medically complex, etc.

    These are only a few fast notes. If you have any additional questions – just ask.

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