Graduate a semester early?

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    I found out just last week that I have the opportunity to get my master's in the fall, as opposed to next spring. There are, of course, consequences of either. I was hoping you guys could give me opinions.

    So this is the way it plays out. The options:
    1) Take 4 hours this summer (cell/developmental biology) while also doing a 40 hr/wk summer research program, then 11 in the fall. That's 11 hours (virology, adv immunology, histology) while TAing full time, while (hopefully) going on med school interviews at random times during the semester. Which obviously messes up the teaching & studying schedule. Graduate in the fall, then figure out WTF to do in the spring while you have no school, yet need to be employed for 6-7 months while (hopefully) waiting to start medical school. Will anyone even hire you for 6-7 months?

    2) Take no class during the summer, but still do the summer research program. Take 7-9 hours in the fall (virology, immunology), then another 7-9 in the spring (cell/developmental, histology). TA full time both semesters, go on med school interviews whenever. Don't have to worry about finding a job for 6-7 months, since I'll be TAing/in school. The course load would obviously be less stressful while I'm doing the interviewing thing.

    The real question is: should I risk working myself too hard while going on interviews, or be lazy and spread it all out? The issue of finding a job for the spring semester is also important. I don't want to wait tables with a MS degree.
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    <--------would have made more money waiting tables than my first job with an M.S.

    How are your numbers? In other words, will your interviews be in the fall or spring? I always had a tough time arranging interviews around my TA responsibilities, but being a TA was the easiest money I've ever made given how much time I put into it.

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