Graduate Medical Student Research: Sources of Stress & Wellbeing

Oct 26, 2019
Psychology Student
If you are a full-time medical student in the U.S., please consider participating in our research study. We are examining how different sources of stress impact medical student’s psychological health and wellbeing, including stress related to gender discrimination/sexual harassment, identity, and medical school itself. Your input will contribute to national conversations on identifying target areas of intervention for mental health providers, medical education officials, and stress management programs within medical education. Study details:
  • Eligibility: Between 18 to 65 years old; residing in the U.S.; full-time graduate medical student enrolled at an accredited U.S. medical school (dual program enrollees are also eligible)
  • All responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential
  • There are no expected risks to this study though it is possible difficult emotions could arise from answering the survey questions. A list of mental health resources will be provided at the end of the survey for your convenience.
  • The survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.
  • Survey link:
  • Survey available until June 1, 2020
Thank you for your participation! If you have any questions about this study, please contact Miriam Reder at [email protected].

**This study has been approved by the University of Kansas Institutional Review Board (IRB ID: STUDY00144783) and is supervised by doctoral advisor, Dr. Barbara Kerr**
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