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Jul 15, 2002
Perth, Western Australia
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For those of you who don't know, Im an undergrad of Health Science (public health & human biology) in Australia thinking of applying to Grad Medicine when I finish (2004). The state I live (WA) doesn't yet have any grad programs, only 6yr undergrad. I really want to stay in WA, so I am hopeing that by 2004-2005 we will have a grad school up and running (talk is in progress), either that or I could apply for the 6yr undergrad program, however that means repeating a lot of courses I have already done.

This is to leorl, have you heard from Uni of Melb yet? My boyfriend is from Melb (now living in Perth with me) I am now considering if I may apply to Uni of Melb as well. I looked at the does look like a very good program.

Im quite confused though, my mother and many of her friends are doctors, and they don't think I should do Med.

However I really want to do the course, its like I want to prove to people that I can do it.....I get worried that maybe this is the wrong reason to want to do something so huge. Does anyone else feel this way?

But then I remember that med has always been in my blood. I love going to the hospital with mum, and I'll never forget the day I saw her deliever a baby...I was right there next the the mother and everything, the midwife was telling me everything as she did was great and I know med students who haven't even see that.

Sorry I really an rambbling, and if some of this doesn't make sense, it is because it is quite late over here. :)


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Aug 30, 2002
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hey there jenni, not quite sure what kindda info you're looking for, maybe if you were a bit more specific people would reply to your post, and since leorl hasn't replied to your post yet you should try PMing her and if that doesn't work try posting a topic with "LEORL" and something derogatory, that should catch her eye.

all the best.


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Jan 2, 2001
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i saw, i saw! :)

OKay, no I haven't heard anything from Melbourne. But that is probably because I withdrew my application in the beginning of August. I really had to send Trinity a definitive answer and needed to start booking flights and stuff, and Melbourne hadn't gotten back to me yet.

I was not impressed with Melbourne, honestly. I know they're a great school...but... their graduate entry program seemed really disorganized since it's fairly new. And every single time I emailed them, which was rather frequently, they asked for my MCAT score. After a while, I was like ... why can't you either look it up in my file, or through old emails. If you haven't received my score report yet, why didn't you print out my old emails where I told you my score?? It was like they couldn't be bothered to look.

I also met a student from Univ of Melbourne who dropped out (she was in science) and went to RCSI for medicine. While she loved her time at Melbourne, she said that the teachers couldn't give a crap about the students.

I don't really want to deter you from applying because it seems to be a good place and it has a good name, but it just didn't work out for me. I think Ireland was a better career choice for me because the graduate-entry programs are already established and highly respected. Also, i'm thinking in terms of going back to the US for residency, and Melbourne would have taken me the longest time to get there, as it's 4.5 years along with the "backwards" seasons you guys have.

Best of luck, I hope this helps, keep us informed of what you decide! I'll definitely be in Melbourne at some point visiting!

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Apr 29, 2002
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I think no matter where you end-up going, you will do fine. Becoming an MD is a personal choice. Know what you want to do in your own heart, and go for it.

Best of luck,

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