graduating from engineering: 3.63GPA 3.75Sci 3.54other MCAT 33p

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Dec 3, 2008
hey guys, I'm new here.

I was hoping to get your opinion on whether I have a shot at getting an interview with Harvard, Stanford, or UCSF (well, at least a secondary).

I'm Canadian and I'm currently finishing up my last year studying Systems Design Engineering.

Got 33 on my MCAT 9 VB 12 PS 12 BS, and P

Got 3.75 on Sci GPA, 3.54 on AO GPA (all those engineering courses have been a GPA killer), and 3.63 overall.

Published a paper on an optical imaging device that I designed in my first year for interstitial cancer monitoring using a high resolution optical imaging modelity.

Worked in cardiac MRI imaging research, helped to develop a computer algorithm at automatically segments the left ventricle in 4D (3D + time) image volumes for doctors.

Currently working on a new imaging device combining intravascular ultrasound and optical imaging (optical coherence tomography) to guide cardiac intervention procedures.

Currently also working on a new intracardiac ultrasound device that allows doctors to see forward in the cardiac chambers. this prevents procedural complications.

I don't have a great academic record, but do you think they would take a look at my research experience?

thanks for your inputs, cheers.


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Jul 1, 2008
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Assuming your have some volunteer or patient care ECs and/or physician shadowing I'd say you're an excellent candidate.

Those research credentials are mighty impressive!


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Jan 6, 2003
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any reason why you chose those three?

you need to look at admissions web pages - getting in can be v. difficult to impossible for foreign students (sorry, but Canadians are considered to be foreign students at many schools), esp. at state schools like UCSF. Some will not consider you even if your record is exemplary. I would expand my list widely to places like Wash U (St Louis), which are big research schools known to accept Canadians and even give them scholarships.

I'd want to know what was your actual personal role in those research projects before guessing how you might do.

Also, bear in mind that even if you graduate from US med school, without green card or US citizenship you still fall into a different category for residency apps and will have to get visa sponsorship. If you are truly brilliant and special this won't be as much of a problem.
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May 15, 2008
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I doubt you will get in UCSF as an out of state applicant, but you can give it a shot.

The GPA and MCAT score may be a little low for Harvard and WashU. WashU does accept Canadians...not sure about Harvard.

I think you are a competitive candidate for med school...if you have medically-related volunteer experience I think you'd be almost a shoe-in to get in somewhere if you were a US citizen. As is, you need to apply to a lot of schools and check first to see if they consider applications from Canadians. Don't hang your hat on getting in to any particular school, and particularly not UCSF and Harvard and Stanford (applies to all applicants). Remember they have lots of applicants with 3.9 GPA and even 40 on the MCAT. They might cut you a bit of slack on the engineering GPA , particularly if it's from a well known engineering school. Good luck.

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Feb 12, 2006
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Apply broadly, and you will get in somewhere. I'm a former engineer and my stats were similar (except I had a higher MCAT :p) and I had quite a bit of research experience, and I was accepted. However, schools weren't falling over themselves to accept me, and I'm not even Canadian :p. Therefore, I agree that you should apply to way more than 3 schools (esp. those 3.)
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