Dec 30, 2013
It depends on the application process times. If you're applying this upcoming cycle, try to squeeze in some more shadowing or volunteering, maybe find a position as a TA in your institution as a leadership role? Join an organization that makes you stand out, but do it in something that you genuinely enjoy and not as a forced membership with the purpose of bolstering your application.


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Sep 4, 2006
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I'ma graduating this spring a year ahead of time and have no real idea what to do with the year before I go to medical school since I didn't apply last cycle. I was able to do this with proficiency tests and a few 20 credit hour semesters. I have a 4.0 GPA (3.997 really), 35 MCAT, research experience with publication likely before I graduate, 30 hrs doctor shadowing, volunteering at hospital this upcoming semester.

Problem: What do?
I mean, money would be nice, but so would travelling abroad and seeing the world. There's also the possibility of doing volunteering or something to improve my application. Some combination of the above is possible as well.

Since your clinical experience looks to be weak from what you've presented, consider a job in a medical environment plus regular nonmedical community service. A position with Americorps or similar a organization could satisfy both considerations.