Dec 30, 2013
Astoria, New York
Hello fellow PTs!

My name is Justin Lee, I am a Physical Therapist from Los Angeles, California. I'm a DPT who's an entrepreneur at heart. I've started 2 successful businesses in college, one of which was a mobile technology company that served PTs around the US.

Currently, I am the owner and CEO of a PT clinic in LA. I've found a niche market that has allowed my clinic to be profitable since the first month of inception. We treat about 8-10 patients a day and have treated over 230 patients within a year and a half.

This is the situation. I have started another business in real estate and that business is taking up a significant amount of my time. I've been struggling to figure out what to do about this clinic. My options have narrowed down to 2. Close down or sell the clinic. But I've decided I can't shut it down because I care way too much about my patients and my employees.

I want to bring in someone who I know will do a better job then I have. We will be partners in the beginning and I will devote my time to show you the ropes on running and managing the clinic. And when I feel you are ready, I will let you go on your own. If you don't have a lot of money right now, it's okay. Because if you are the right person for the job, I will find a creative way to get it financed. For the right person, I truly believe this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm an honest and open person and I'd only like to deal with others that are the same. If you do become my partner, your success will be my priority and I believe great things will happen. If you are interested, message me here or email me at [email protected] . Also, if you'd like to get to know me a little better, you can view my linkedin as well (

-Positive and open minded
-Hard working and ambitious
-Humble and not egotistical
*Higher priority will go to the candidate who speaks Korean b/c there are a significant amount of Korean patients