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GSU Post bacc or Master's Program


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Apr 5, 2014
  1. Pre-Medical
    I am currently enrolled in my first semester of my post bac program at Georgia State. It is not a structured post bac program and after speaking to a pre health advisor there, he told me that doing their MS in biological sciences would look better to med schools and serve me better than simply retaking classes as a post bac student. he also said that with the MS I would have a new gap while with the post bac program my undergrad gpa would most likely be averaged with my post bac gpa. The masters program is about eighteen months and so is the post bac program and i don't mind starting the masters even though i have already put in a semester of the post bac program if it will be a better option for getting to medical school. What is the best option?


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    Oct 31, 2006
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      No idea what to tell you since you didn't say what your GPA is.

      Retakes don't erase old grades for MD schools.

      Generally you can't use regular grad study to address low undergrad performance. Grad work isn't standardized and there's no MCAT-equivalent as there is with undergrad work.

      Generally premed advisers are crap.


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      Oct 31, 2006
      1. Resident [Any Field]
        You may not be able to get your cumulative undergrad GPA up over 3.0. That's a serious problem for med school admissions. Typically sub-3.0 means you need to spend 2-3 more years getting mostly A's in lots of hard science. You'll want to find out what a DO is.

        I recommend:
        Get A's on those prereq retakes.
        Preferably take additional upper-dev undergrad science and get A's.
        Point being: demonstrate that you can consistently get A's in hard science over a long period of time. (Wasn't demonstrated in your first 4 years: demonstrate it now.)
        Take the MCAT. Only take it once, after you've mastered the content and done serious rigorous prep.
        If you break 30 on the MCAT, you may have some success with instate such as MCG, if the rest of your postbac goes well.
        If you don't break 30 on the MCAT, look at the masters programs that are hosted at DO schools such as GA-PCOM.

        People love to argue with me about how much easier it is to get into med school than I make it sound. Have fun with that.

        Best of luck to you.
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