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Guidance and Advice please!

Discussion in 'What Are My Chances? WAMC Medical' started by OrdinaryMD, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Hello everyone, first thing I would like to say before I get into my thread is let you all know that, yes, I do only have 1 post, and Yes I know I have a long while before I can apply to any Medical school. I have been using these forums for guidance and advice rather than posting for my own self, so here I go.

    I am just now heading into my second year of college, I am a sophomore with 35 credit hours and a 3.46 GPA. I am majoring in Pre-Professional/Pre-Med with only about 2 semesters until I receive an associates in this field. I am 19 years old, have hopes and interests in either attending University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, or University of Arkansas. I am 19 and plan on going about another 3-4 years before diving into the Medical School applications.

    My first concern is I am attending a Community college right now, I am greatly worried that this will make my application look very tacky and make them doubtful of my capabilities to function well in a big class at the University level of schooling. Will going to a community college make my application less likely to be accepted?

    Secondly, I have read and read about MDs and DOs but I am still not sure how people look at credentials and backgrounds and are able to tell which one is the best for for that person, both MD's and DO's have my specialty I want to go into here in Oklahoma, if anyone can help explain to me which one I may look at going into for the best chances of being accepted, please?

    Last question, I REALLY want to get into medical school but I am always worried that maybe a single C will be the fate being me not being accepted. What are the possibilities a school board committee will accept a student with maybe a 3.5gpa?

    Thank-you ladies and gentlemen for taking your time to read my questions, these are very important to me and yes I do know they are somewhat noobish questions, but they are honest and to the point. Below are my Stats and credentials to help judge my likeliness of getting n.

    cGPA - 3.5
    sGPA - 3.0 (only 2 sciences so far, changing this semester :] )
    MCAT - Not taken yet (read out of my MCAT Elite book that it is pointless to take until you have learned the material first.)

    - I have 100+ hours of Volunteer services at St. John's O.R.
    - Will be shadowing Doctors soon in primary care, emergency medicine, and cardiovascular specialties.
    - Recommendation letter from St. John's.
    - Certified Trained PCT
    I am sure I have forgotten something to add on here, if you would please tell me if I need more information to post. Thank-you once more!
  2. You should probably transfer to university and take your prerequisite courses there (bio, chem, orgo, physics); it seems that attending community college does cast some doubt on whether you can handle the material at a medical school level. A 3.5/3.0 is low for M.D. but I started with a worse first year so there's plenty of time to bring that up. Try to spend a lot of time hitting the books and don't get left behind. This is especially important for classes that go through a lot of material quickly.

    From my limited knowledge, M.D.s and D.O.s have the same privileges and can do the same things but for example, when you're applying to residencies, you may find that the D.O. degree closes some doors. In the long run, patients will know you as Dr. OrdinaryMD and shouldn't make a big difference on your practice (I'm just a premed so take everything I say with a grain of salt).

    A single C is not a big deal. Several Cs will drop your grade to a level where adcoms may not be interested in looking at your application seriously. They say the average for matriculants in M.D. programs is about a 3.6/32 so try to shoot for numbers above that. Some D.O. programs offer grade replacement but you probably shouldn't bother retaking classes unless you did really bad or you really don't feel comfortable with the material. If you're black or hispanic or something like that, it's a lot easier to get in with lower numbers. you can find the charts here: https://www.aamc.org/data/facts/ Obviously the higher your numbers are, the better your chances. 3.5 is doable but you need to balance that with a higher mcat score since for many schools, a 3.5 is within their 10th percentile. Take the time out to purchase the MSAR (medical school admissions requirements), it's only 35 dollars but you can look at grades, MCAT scores, matriculant data, mission statements and other useful stats.

    As for the MCAT, I self-studied from Exam krackers. I feel that you don't really need to shell out 1.5k for a course unless you have really bad study habits or need the structure to study properly. Good Luck.

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