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    FIRST MONDAY 2000: UNITE TO END GUN VIOLENCE is a new violence prevention program presented by Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR). The first Monday in October?October 2, 2000?will be observed on medical and public health school campuses across the country as a ?National Day of Education and Action? on the issue of gun violence.

    Physicians and medical students have a unique role in preventing gun violence, as they witness its tragic effects firsthand. FIRST MONDAY 2000 is an excellent opportunity for medical students to get involved in social activism from the physician?s perspective. FIRST MONDAY 2000 events are already being planned at medical schools across the country, including the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and UCLA.

    Check out our website: To find out what is happening at YOUR school, or to start your own FIRST MONDAY event, contact Andrew Kessler of PSR at 202-898-0150 x.240 or [email protected]

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