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Gutted :) - any help appreciated

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Dr Firefly

Full Member
Jun 1, 2009
  1. Resident [Any Field]

After using my HP sprague (see my overexcitable posts linked above from when I was a brand new and VERY green doctor) for the last 4 years I've lost the bloody chest piece. The diaphragm had already died and was actually just a piece of very thin plastic which had not appreciably reduced sound quality. So I'm now sat with a crippled stethoscope with just a bell and no diaphragm.

Does anyone either have a spare chest piece I could buy off them, or have any idea where I can get one? The links in this thread are now all out of date - the online stores are out of chest pieces...

Any help appreciated. And if anyone happens to have a Craddock-Pelham bell... :)
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