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Apr 29, 2006
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If you all are aspiring to one day go on to civilian practice, this will impact you. They're trying to slip this one in under the radar.

In short, they want to charge me and your patients a 3rd Party fee to review the withdrawal of our own after tax Health Savings account to pay YOUR fees.

That means delays and denials of payments to YOU. This law will likely double monthly HSA administrative fees.

In addition, this new law would:

eliminate the ability to get reimbursed out of your HSA when you want by check or at an ATM.

force submission of your medical receipts to a third party in order for you to utilize the funds in your HSA.

The increase in fees will be for the third party to review your expense receipts.

A corporation that has a patent on part of the process used to review your paper receipts asked Congress to pass this law.
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