Had difficult time in 1st year of undergrad, how do I make that up?


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Jul 13, 2006
I went to Seattle University for the previous year, and had intended to major in business. Switching to Pre-Med: Biochemistry, I realized that the school was not a good match. I did not like the small school atmosphere, and decided to leave at year's end. I did heavily struggle with the classes due to my unfamiliarity with the liberal arts teaching structure, and with the fact that I had been living with Graves' Disease for some time which was the main causes in my declining health. The disease was pretty advance, and that became my main concern for the year. My classes and grades fell. I had a 2.3 GPA when I left. I am currently back at home, going to a community college because I cannot transfer with the poor academic standing. Speaking with my advisor, I am now a year behind and have to stay at the community college for two years, then transfering to UC Davis (probably) afterwards.

I would like to know how my chances are for medical school, and what I have to do to improve my current dilemna.


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Jan 18, 2006
I think you will just have to climb out of the hole. Stay steady on course and raise your GPA. You have plenty of time. THere are many premeds that enter med school after having had a disastrous start. Living at home might help with too for a bit till you health gets in control. Don't try to take too much too fast or you'll be in the same mess again. Gradually your GPA will rise then you can transfer. Remember there is lots of time. Many start med school in there mid twenties also. Hang in there, good luck.


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Jul 20, 2004
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You can either enroll in a post-bacc program or some type of graduate school. Either way, you probably need to do really well on the MCAT. They say a strong MCAT score can make up for a weak GPA. Best of luck to you.