Jun 1, 2013
Currently at home in Japan so it's already 2014 for me, but here's to everybody's success around the world in the new year!!!

For those that have been accepted, congratulations! Without a doubt, an accomplishment well deserved.

For those that are anxiously waiting responses, hang in there! Good news just may be right around the corner! (Literally, deposit due dates are very soon)

For those applying fresh this year, HAVE FUN SUCKAS!!! :p

God bless~


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Oct 23, 2009
Be safe, y'all! Celebrate good times, but don't do something silly that could throw all your hard work and future away. I'm speaking specifically to those of you with a RC<18 or PAT<16. If you do the research, you'll find that 88% of pre-dent arrests, DWIs, and extreme news-worthy stunts on NYE fit that criteria.