Has ANYONE been through this? Is it depression, laziness, or what?

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Dec 9, 2010
Not sure where to ask I need help...I don't know if this depression, low-esteem, social anxiety, all of the above, none of the above...I just dont know :(

First of all I'm 21yo guy and almost always have zero energy and always feel down, unhappy, lonely, just like some huge loser at times and don't feel like doing anything. I don't know if it's because I'm extremely self-conscious or what but I hate going out or doing anything with friends.

What I don't get is I don't think it's social anxiety because I have no problem interacting with people, or if I'm making a speech or whatever BUT if I were to go into a bar alone or some public event alone the anxiety increases immensely and I think it's because of my low self-esteem :(

Another that that is really really really bothering my is I am always imaging myself in the future, always saying "when I get to this point in life I will be doing this and that" but I'm so lazy, so unmotivated, so uninterested.

I mean, why do I just not feel like doing anything? I KNOW I want to but why am I so unmotivated????


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