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Aug 12, 2007
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I don't want to cheat or do anything of that nature...

However, Google is really making it hard for me to find the topics covered on the exam. Is there any place, maybe your school etc, that lists the topics covered on the ACS exam?

lol by the way, I made a bad decision to take Analytical Chem. I should've taken Cell Bio or something more useful. But it's whatever...I have no complaints about the course. my lab skills & techniques have tremendously improved.


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May 14, 2008
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im pretty sure it's almost impossible to find anything online. no one really takes those ACS chem tests. i took the ACS ochem test and i remember my prof had a booklet for it that you can buy online as a problem set (but i forgot where she got it)
Dec 9, 2011
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the book your professor got for organic was the ACS offical book.
they make one for organic chemistry they don't make one for A-Chem.
Would be nice but sucks. I am actually trying to find something to guide me also. I just know they don't make it so what I am gonna do is just look over all my the major points on the slide and then go from there.
good luck man.
there are a few study guides you can use though. see below. the second look a bit better to me.


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Sep 6, 2011
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I took the ACS analytical chemistry final a few years ago and it wasn't that bad... or at least it wasn't that bad compared to our prof's normal exams. I don't remember details (I also don't remember hardly anything from A chem), but I do remember that a decent amount of it was conceptual. You just don't have time to do the never-ending calculations, so they don't put them on there.


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Jul 7, 2007
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I took that exam back in my day. Compared to what we normally had to do for our professor, it was a breeze. Of course, there was a reason there were only six of us sitting for that exam. :laugh: It was actually one of my all-time favorite classes and one of those where I have learned the most. If you understand Analytical Chemistry, pharmacokinetics will be a piece of cake when you get in pharmacy school.
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