Has anyone taken the TBR course in Cali?

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Aug 11, 2008
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I'm doing TBR's homestudy program. I was comparing my schedule to their course schedule. Their course schedule can be found at http://www.berkeley-review.com/TBR/register/UCB123sp09.pdf.

I have essentially NOTHING going on this semester, so I can spend almost all day, everyday on the MCAT. It takes a good 4-5 hours to do one chapter of reading the content, doing the appropriate passages and your post-game analysis. Now, take into consideration that you are going to be mentally drained after 5 solid hours of MCAT studying. I'm doing roughly 6 chapters/week having almost ALL of my time for the MCAT. The TBR course roughly does 5 chapters/week, INCLUDING a 2-hour lecture everyday on each topic. You're supposed to do extra passages 1 week after each lecture, as well. I planned my schedule out to accommodate a day to just do all the extra passages once per week. With the TBR course, I don't see any time for postgame analysis. You're going to be constantly trying to just keep up with the reading in preparation for the lecture everyday.

Since you're going to want to do the extra passages and postgame analysis each week in order to re-review what you just reviewed in class, you'll end up finding time to fit that stuff in somehow.

My question to anyone who has taken this course is...how does this prep not burn you out? how can you have anything going on BUT the MCAT for these 2 months?

You surely cannot do everything in this course with a full schedule of classes or fulltime work. I'm an exception in that I can focus most of my time on the MCAT for the next few months, and I was worried my homestudy schedule would burn me out. The TBR course is even more intense than my own, and I don't think most ppl can drop everything but the MCAT for 2 months.

Your thoughts?