Has anyone worked for Dental Dream, Aspen or Pacific Dental Service?

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May 2, 2013
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Does any one have any kind of experience (first or second hand) with these guys?
Any advice will be very helpful!

Dental Dream,
Pacific Dental Service?

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I don't usually do this, but be VERY cautious of the one that starts with an "A", lol. Please be very careful!
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Thanks for your input newgoalsdentdoc.
Have you worked for them?
May I ask you your experience with them?
Thanks a lot in advance!
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Stay away from corporate style dentistry. The entire focus will be on the bottom line. The dentist and patients are a far secondary!

They will never be focused on the betterment of health or the improvement of dentistry.....
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I've never worked in any of them, but have classmates who did. This is all secondhand information, but here's what I've heard.

Dental Dreams - Production driven, drill and fill and prophy all day. None of my colleagues that worked here had good things to say, and even stated their ethics are questionable. The pay is pretty good, but there has to be a reason people hate working here.

Aspen - Mixed reviews about Aspen, they are unique in that they have a structured partner track where you can buy-in and become a partner of a practice. The reps seemed really nice when they came for recruiting, but I know the least about Aspen out of these three.

Pacific Dental - I've actually heard favorable reports about Pacific and that it's not a bad chain to work for. Pay seems to be lower than other chains.

In the end, the corporate route is never ideal but unfortunately being a new dentist sucks and sometimes there are no other options. Try looking for an associate position before you fall back on a chain.
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I work for the 3rd company mentioned above, basically, it comes down to the following.
- Production is what is important overall.
- if you are not producing enough for the company, then you are at fault even if you barely have patients becuase no body trusts an office where the DDS changes every 6 months to a year.
- It seems like nobody wants to say, you need to overdiagnose, but it seems like it is a low key thing that they want you to do in order to reach the numbers ( opinion, I can not deny nor confirm)

*I work in hygiene and I am expected to make a certain amount every day. If I make below of what is expected of me, I get told, " you need to raise your numbers ". I get many patients with healthy numbers and a few 4s...... But rarely get 5s, in terms of probing depth. So, I can't really make a lost of money if my patients are healthy.

Many of my colleagues are working for this company and are unhappy and can't wait to leave and go to private.
People who have been with this company for many years say, it's a good place to start at, but in long term, it is difficult to stay because you refer endos, and extractions. Apparently they expect the numbers to be accomplished at the rate of crowns, fillings, and more crowns.
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i'm sure the corporate comments are not unwarranted. But, production will be the bottom line regardless of whether you own your practice or corporate owns it. Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast that we practice in nowadays. So... having said that, what do u want to know about these 3 corporate settings?