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Aug 8, 2002
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Just wondering. I thought the bulk of their acceptances come out in March, but I could be wrong.


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Oct 12, 2003
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I thought so too, but lots of people on SDN got acceptances in Dec/Jan. Apparently those acceptances are not only URMs and MD/PhDs. I've heard on SDN that a total of about 30-40 have already been accepted.


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Feb 20, 2003
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a large percentage of the accepts in dec are md/phd [30%]

the other students who were accepted in december were a combination of early-submitting and 'high-achieving' [whatever that means] students that cornell wanted.

[un]fortunately the yield for both groups should be lower than the the average yield for the school - chances those students have other great options to consider as well.

this is speculation, but i imagine that a bulk of the matriculated students will come from the march batch. if you have q's about the place, feel free ... goodluck.
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