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Feb 7, 2017
Does this mean to any medical school? I applied to some Ontario schools (Canadian) before but have not applied to the states yet. I'm just worried since I've heard their is a stigma against reapplicants.
I believe it only applies to schools you have applied to using the Amcas (and maybe tmdsas). Double check with @gonnif


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Jul 26, 2009
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This depends where this how and where this question is asked. On AMCAS you are asked if you previously applied to each specific individual medical school that you are adding to the application as below

Previous Application to a Medical School: If you have a verified AMCAS application from a previous application year that was sent to designated medical schools, you are considered a re-applicant to those medical schools to which you previously applied, regardless of whether you completed a secondary application. If you add a school to which you have previously applied (either through AMCAS, another application service, or directly to the school), you must indicate this in your current application.

However, if you get this question on a secondary, that could mean any medical school of any type any where in the world unless otherwise qualified in the question