Have you ever had this happen?


Carters Mistress
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Jan 15, 2004
I GOT INTO DAVIS, for transferring that is, but I have ran into a little problem. I can not make any of the summer advising dates, all of the dates are right my summer programs I applied to and I am hoping that I will at least get accepted into HCOP(June 20th-July31st) I was wondering if anyone has transferred and has had this problem before? What do I do?


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15+ Year Member
Jan 14, 2003
I go to Davis too and I know some people who never went to Summer Advising. If you can't go, they will just send you all the necessary info through the mail. Also, they just gave you a range of dates for your specific major. Summer advising actually takes place from June to i think end of august or early sept. You can ask to see if you can go to summer advising for another set of dates, it will just be for a different major department though. Congrats!! :)
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