having problems locating retail PT job in Chicago


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Nov 23, 2004
  1. Pharmacist
    I've filled out applications on line for both CVS and Walgreens. I have stopped by local pharmacies in my neighborhood (Lakeview), but they aren't hiring technicians. I'm going to start pharmacy school this fall and want to start working in retail beforehand. I have volunteer experience in a hospital, have a PT state of IL license, and have a bachelor’s degree. Right now, I work full time as a chemist. I'm willing to email my resume to someone if you'd like to pass it on to a local Chicago pharmacy. I really want to work for a retail chain. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how to get a job? Retail is very attractive b/c of their hours, flexibility, and assistance with college tuition. I know that I'll only be able to work a few hours a week due to the rigors of pharmacy school curriculum.

    Thanks a lot!


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    May 23, 2004
      There is a high technician turnover rate in retail. Therefore, make sure you ask pharmacies that aren't hiring if they would like to keep your resume on file. I applied for a pharmacy technician job at a retail pharmacy and was told they weren't hiring. I gave them my resume, and a week later, they called and hired me because someone quit. Let your fingers do the walking. Pick up the phone book and look up numbers to any pharmacies nearby or that you'd be willing to commute to. For the ones that are hiring, you can stop in and apply. If they aren't, see if you can fax them your resume. Also, even though you're interested in retail, you have your whole pharmacy career to work retail. If you really want a pharmacy job, you might want to check hospital openings as well.
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