Jan 14, 2010
Does anyone have experience with a master's (MA, MS, MPH) in health communications. My sister is thinking about a career change from advertising and has asked me about the field of public health. From this discussion she has become interested in health communications. I've researched programs for her a bit, but wanted to pose a few questions to you all.

1. Does CEPH matter for this degree? I've seen CDC reference Michigan State's program, but they aren't CEPH. So a little bit of mixed messages on that front.

2. Which degree might be viewed best; MPH or MA? It looks like the biggest difference between the two is the lack of environmental health and maybe health policy coursework. I'm leaning toward recommending the MPH, but that really limits the number of programs out there.

3. Are there any credible distance learning programs? I've seen Boston University's and it looked good. Does anyone have experience with this program? or other similar ones?

4. Do any schools have an MPH in health ed/promotion with a communications emphasis. When I was looking at applying to Michigan I remember seeing a track like this, but I can't find anything now.

Thanks again for all of your help in advance.