health/dental insurance: effect july 1st? covers orthodontics?

Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by 2007er, Feb 28, 2007.

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    For most residency programs, are insurance packages effective the date the residency starts? i.e. If if starts July 1st, would you be able to go out and get ur teeth cleaned, get a new pair of glasses, etc? Also, do residency programs generally offer orthodontics coverage, particularly the ones that claim they use delta dental? I was thinking about possibility of getting braces as an intern...
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    Some do, some don't.

    My residency program coverage started July 1st, but my fellowship coverage (in a different state) required that all new hires (which would include interns) work for TWO months before coverage started on September 1. So check with your Graduate Medical Office where you match to find out the specifics.

    Most offer vision and dental plans but the basic dental typically does not include orthodontics. You may be able to pay extra for one that does - your GME office would have the specifics.

    It would be possible to get your eyes checked, get your teeth cleaned on July 1, but you would not have your health plan membership card or number yet, and would have had to make an appointment several weeks in advance at which time you would not have such information either. But as soon as you had the membership info, or if you have a care provider willing to book you without it, you're set.
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    There are very very few insurance plans that offer a benefit for adult orthodontics. Most of our adult patients pay out of pocket. If they are employees at our medical center, we offer them a discount.

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