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    If there are any DO students, residents, or physicians who participated in the HPSP, would you mind answering a few questions for me. Thank you in advance.


    Did you do a military internship/residency? If so, what did you think of the quality of the education? Did you feel the workload was manageable or did you get dumped on? Are all military programs dually accredited?

    What kind of service did you go into after residency, to fulfill the scholarship obligation? Did you have some choice in location? What was/is your impressions of the
    hospital,clinic etc. where you completed the service?


    What kind of military commitments did you have to make during med school/residency?
    Ie: basic/officer training, required clerkships. Is the program flexible enough to meetyour needs (such as family, personal time)?
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    To MSUCOM2003,
    I am a HPSP (4 years scholarship)student with the Air Force. There is a 45-day clerkship or training that I do each year while I am in med school. The first year I did my COT, the second year I did another training program (SAM), and for my 3rd and 4th year, I am planning to do my rotations with the military hospitals, and it will meet their yearly 45-day clerkship criteria. The Air Force is pretty flexible with my needs. Email me if you have any further question. I am busy with my rotation now, and will try my best to answer your email as soon as possible.


    P.S. You may learn more about USAF HPSP by checking out their website:, then click on CIMJ (on the top to your right on the screen)

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