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Jul 14, 2006
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I'm a U.S. citizen and not completely familiar with the fine details of of ambulatory care in Ireland.

I have asthma which requires daily medication, hence my fast decision to Respiratory School.

Question for Irish citizens and U.S./Canadian students: what are the student health services like that are provided to non Irish students? Same costs or more expensive? Pharmacy costs?


~~RRT :luck:


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Mar 16, 2005
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Ok just a quickie response.

Here's the story at RCSI. Free medical care at the family clinic affliated to the college.

When you arrive, get a PPS number (SSN/SIN) from the govt's Social Services Department. This will allow you to get a DPS (drugs payment scheme) card. This limits your monthly drug cost to €85.

You can also take out medical insurance in ireland. Here are the websites,
www.vhi.ie (the biggest one)
www.bupa.ie (the british one)
www.vivashealth.ie (the new one)
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